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Corporate Narration Voiceover

Do you require a Female Voice Over Artist for your Corporate Voiceover, Explainer Video, E-Learning Training or a new Voicemail message?

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The New Beautiful For All Corporate Voiceover
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Rather than listen to the demos of a hundred different voice over artists who might be right, why not cut to the chase and send me your script today for a FREE 20 second bespoke recording.​

Anna is a pleasure to work with. From a logistics end she is prompt and quick to understand a brief. And then the result was exactly what we were looking for!

Chris Smith - Bull & Wolf Film Co.

Corporate narration is an umbrella term for many different voice over purposes within the 'business world.' Whether communications are internal or external, voice over is used (both with and without video) to quickly and effectively share messages. 

External communications speak on behalf of the company and my job as a British Female Voiceover is to convey and reflect the image that your brand wishes to portray to the world. These communications are likely to be used in a 'public-facing' context e.g. on corporate websites, social media channels, at conferences, shareholder meetings or for out-of-office presentations.

Internal communications share content within the business itself. These communications may include training, on-boarding, health and safety videos, corporate policy, quarterly reporting or visions and plans for the future of your company. These messages are created to inspire, educate and report. Here, my job as a voice actor is to mirror the tone of your brand's external communications. 

I've spent many years voicing corporate campaigns and I'm here to make your job of getting a voiceover quick, easy and stress-free.

You can trust me to deliver your message
on budget and on time

A few of the Corporate communications I can help you with include:

  • Telephony / IVR Systems

  • Explainer Videos

  • E-Learning 

  • Training / On-Boarding Videos

  • Brand Introductions

  • Sustainability Videos

  • B2B Communications

  • New client pitches

Brand Launches

Video marketing is a clear and proven way to make an impact. 

First impressions certainly count and what better way to launch your brand than with a beautiful video and accompanying voice over showcasing your new business. 

Explainer Videos

Do you need something explained clearly that is both on-brand and engaging for your clients and customers?

Explainer videos are a perfect way to get your message across and are now the widest viewed marketing content worldwide

& Training Videos

Delivering training to employees and colleagues via E-Learning is becoming increasingly popular - particularly following the global pandemic.

It is also an easy way to educate the users of your products in a clear and informative way.

Sustainability Videos

We all have an ethical and moral responsibility towards our planet and future generations.

More than ever, consumers are demanding that corporations are transparent in business and care about the social and environmental issues of the day. 

Your Corporate message matters to me.
Top brands have trusted me to tell their story and you can too.

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