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Higher Education and University Voiceover
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Looking for an Engaging and Informative Female Voiceover for your Educational Content?

Higher Education and University Promo Videos

Higher Education Institutions usually have a high turnover of content. With a new intake of students each year, promotional material needs to stay fresh, engaging and relevant to its target audience of school leavers and/or mature students. Content also needs to be displayed in the right places to be seen - Social media primarily including Youtube and Youtube Shorts, TikTok and Snapchat.


When choosing a voiceover for your College or University Adverts and Promotional Material, you'll be needing a voice that's friendly, engaging and sounds educated! You'll probably also want someone who sounds young enough to have recently attended the institution.


Well, you've come to the right place! I have recorded tons of voiceovers in this genre.


I have a clear and assured Neutral British Accent which has universal audience and so will appeal to Higher Education institutions around the United Kingdom and beyond. I am passionate about the projects I voice, especially those which encourage the younger generation to believe in themselves!

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Voiceovers for Early Education

Ever heard the phrase that 'Kids are Sponges?' As a parent I can attest to this fact and I am amazed daily by the information that my kids soak up from the world around them. Not just outside in nature, and in the classroom but also in the quieter moments at home watching the television too. The educational content on the BBC is just amazing! Alphablocks, Numberblocks, Colourblocks - all utilising brilliant voiceovers to engage children.


In many schools, children are taught via interactive whiteboards and tablets alongside traditional teaching methods. The Covid Pandemic also saw education move 'online' to be accessed remotely from home. These newer teaching methods incorporate voiceovers a lot more than when we were children! Voiceovers are used in the apps they play with, educational videos they watch and audiobooks they listen to. Voiceovers really are, all around us.

Creating content for children is so rewarding, especially when it's educational!

Voiceovers for Educational Organisations and
Local Education Authorities

Education Starting School Voiceover
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Educational Organisations and Local Education Authorities often use voiceovers to convey information clearly, enhance communication and drive engagement within their communities. From introductory videos to online tutorials and guides, a voiceover helps to provide a welcoming and informative experience for visitors.

Here are a few scenarios where a voiceover may enhance user experiences.

Public Service Announcements:

Voiceovers impart crucial information to the community, such as changes in policies, upcoming events, or emergency announcements.

Training Materials:

Voiceovers may be used for Educational training materials, whether for teachers, administrators, or parents.


Voiceovers contribute to accessibility by providing an alternative means of receiving information for individuals with visual impairments or those who prefer auditory learning.

Marketing and Promotional:

Voiceovers add a professional and engaging touch to promotional videos or advertisements, helping to showcase the authority's achievements, programs, and success stories.

Engagement and Connection:

Hearing a human voice creates a personal connection, making information more relatable and engaging for the audience.

Multilingual Communication:

In diverse communities, using voiceovers in different languages ensures that information reaches a broader audience, promoting inclusivity and understanding.

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