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Frequently Asked Questions


Using my voice for your next project couldn't be simpler!


What do you need to know from me to provide an accurate quote?

Not all jobs are created equal so in order to provide an accurate quote, it helps to have as much detail as possible from you about your project. (A web video for Coca Cola is of course a completely different kettle of fish to a web video for a local window cleaning company.) 

  • Who's the Client? If it's top secret or a big brand feel free to send me an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). If you really can't say, knowing the sector at least would be really helpful. 

  • What am I voicing? (Explainer, Product Video, Corporate Brand Film, TVC etc)

  • Word Count / Duration? How long is your project? Even better, do you have a script I can see?

  • Please let me know where the content will be displayed - (Client Website, Social Media, Television, Radio, Event, Health Care Professional Use,  Internal etc) 

  • What Geographical Regions will the content be shown in? (Global or UK only, for example)

  • Will you be using the content in a Commercial Campaign? Paid Ads, Boosted Online Posts, Broadcast Media? If the answer to this question is 'Yes,' Do you know the number of Impressions or TVRs booked?

  • How long do you require a usage license (if applicable)? (3/6/12 Months, 1-2 Years, 3-5 Years etc)

  • What post production do you require from me? Do you already have a sound engineer / editor on board?

  • Any specific editing requirements? For example, do you need your script timed to picture?


Lets talk RATES.

Every voiceover job is unique, and has differing requirements so there is unfortunately no one-size-fits-all figure for voice work. However, the starting point for all my quotes is my BSF (Basic Session Fee.) BSFs for professional voice over artists typically range from £200-£400 per hour. My BSF is £275. This is my hourly session fee and builds in my fixed costs, hire of my recording studio, microphone and the recording equipment needed to give you a Broadcast-Quality sound. It also includes the option of a live directed session to ensure you get exactly the right performance for your project.  


In addition to my BSF, my quote may also include a section about 'Usage.' In its simplest terms, Usage is the number of eyes and ears who may land on your content. Depending on where you wish to run your campaign, you may also need to purchase a Usage Licence from me. This is because although you own the copyright to your script, I'm afraid that copyright doesn't extend to my vocal performance. Usage Licences will vary in duration.  

When quoting for a UK project requiring a usage licence, I always start at the Gravy For The Brain Rate Guide. It was set up to protect industry rates for Voiceover professionals in the UK. It also includes the agreed rates of the British Actors Union Equity. As a general rule, the higher the number of expected impressions, the higher the usage fee. Co-Founder of 'Gravy For The Brain,' Hugh Edwards created this very useful 4 minute video about Licensing.

You will of course find many 'professional' voiceovers online on sites such as 'Fiverr' who will charge you less than I do. However, in my experience you get what you pay for and with me you can rest assured that I won't record your project on my mobile phone in the cupboard and that the finished audio will be worth every penny. 


I will always be fair and transparent about my fees. Of course, all things are negotiable so let's talk some more. 


Contact me today for a free demo of your script or a bespoke quote.


Internal Usage

Internal usage means that your content will only be used for non-broadcast messaging within your business.

Organic Online Usage

If you'd like to organically share your finished project on your Website and/or Social Media Channels including Youtube without any paid advertising, you will require an 'Organic Online Usage License.' In addition to the BSF, a negotiable Usage Fee will also apply. This fee will depend upon the size of your company and expected reach of your content. It can range anywhere from £75-£1200 per year.

Commercial Online Usage

If you're marketing your content using FacebookAds, LinkedIn Ads, GoogleAds or Youtube prerolls you will need a 'Commercial Online Usage License.' In addition to the BSF, a negotiable Usage Fee will also apply.

TV Commercial Usage

In addition to the BSF, if you would like to market your advert on the television you will require a 'TV Commercial Usage License.' This license fee will vary depending on the size and scope of your campaign and in the UK this is calculated using the number of impressions or TVR's (Television Ratings.) 1TVR = 490,000 impressions. The Usage fee for the voiceover can be calculated using the website.


It can all get a bit complicated so I would recommend contacting my agents at Soho Voices to discuss TVRs and TV Commercial advertising further.

Radio Usage

Radio rates are based on Station Usage. The Gravy For The Brain Rate Guide will help to simplify things for you. 


E-Learning is worked out slightly differently and is calculated on a 'per word' basis. I offer a tiered system of pricing, depending on the level of audio editing required from me. For raw unedited audio my rate is 15p per word. For edited audio, it's 24p per word and for edited audio including file splitting and naming my rate is 32p per word.

Minimum order amount is equivalent to my BSF of £275. Depending on placement of the content, a usage fee may also be applicable.


How does a remote session work?

I'm a voice over artist that predominantly works from my home studio. If you'd like to dial-in and direct a live voice session, all you'll need is a laptop with built-in microphone, headphones and the Google Chrome browser. You do not need to be a professional 'director' by any means, but by working together collaboratively you can be safe in the knowledge that my performance is exactly what you're looking for. We can schedule a time to suit you via CleanFeed, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoggleMeet or good old fashioned Skype! I also have Source Connect Standard allowing me to connect with studios around the world.

If however you would prefer me to go ahead and self-record, you can email me over your finalised script and following a quick phone call to discuss pace, tone, pronunciations and mastering requirements, I will record your script and get it over to you (usually within 24 hours) in a digital format to suit you. To view my policy on pickups, retakes and revisions please see my Terms & Conditions below.

Can I attend in person?

If you wish to attend a recording session in person, I would recommend booking a London studio session with engineer rather than a remote recording. I am just a 40 minute train ride from London Liverpool street and have worked with many studios over the years and can of course assist you in finding one that suits your requirements. My personal favourite is Voiceover Soho.

Please see my Terms & Conditions for more details

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