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Medical Voiceover

Looking for a British Female Voiceover Artist who is an expert in Medical Narration Voiceover? 

You've come to the right place!
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GenesisCare Medical Narration Voiceover
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Have a script and want to see if I'm the right for the job?


I worked with Anna when we required a professional voice over artist for a handful of patient facing videos to raise awareness of the services and treatments we provide at GenesisCare. Anna took great care to ensure she delivered the right tone of voice which is so important when talking about cancer treatments and conditions. Having never engaged with a professional voice over artist for our videos before, Anna made it an easy and enjoyable process and we are delighted with the final outputs.

I would highly recommend Anna to anyone looking for a voice over artist.

Sue White - GenesisCare

Your healthcare message is safe in my hands.

I am an expert in the following Medical, Healthcare
& Pharmaceutical Voiceover genres:

  • Narration for Medical Advertising Agencies

  • Healthcare eLearning

  • Medical Device Advertising

  • Mechanism of Action (MOA)

  • Medical Explainers

  • ​Mechanism of Disease (MOD)

  • Patient Education

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing

  • Surgical Animation

  • Prescriber Audio Guides

Medical Voiceover as a Specialism

Medical Voiceover is a specialism in the voiceover world. It requires precision, fluency, intelligence and above all a trustworthy and clear warm tone. It is something that I have been passionate about for a number of years and an area that I believe plays to my strengths as a voice over artist. 


I approach each project from a place of research, preparation and confidence. Coming from a medical family, tongue-twisting 'medical jargon' has never phased me. Having said that, there is a bit of a misconception that Medical Narration is just a lot of long difficult-to-say words. Whilst that is sometimes the case, as you will see from my list above, Medical Voiceover spans many genres and is aimed at a range of different audiences.


For example, a patient education video explaining a medical procedure to the parents of a sick child requires an entirely different approach and tone to that of a narration explaining the same medical procedure to surgeons-in-training. The tone and pace may differ but both videos require clarity and an expertise with the English language which many years of experience as a female British medical narrator have given me. 

Why Book Me?
Put plainly, I bring clarity to the complex

Anna Lawrence's warm, trustworthy and crystal-clear tone coupled with her uncanny ability to make sense of even the most complex surgical scripts has established her as a one of the most in-demand British Medical Voiceovers in the UK.

Medical Narration Campaigns