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Finance Commercials Voiceover

Looking to market a financial product or service commercially?
You'll be needing a voiceover!

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Need a trustworthy, warm and reassuring voiceover for your Financial Commercial?

Finance Choices!

Consumers are influenced from all angles nowadays! Brands, Companies and Media Outlets have so many opportunities to reach us - our televisions, radios, phones, computers, billboards, printed materials, transport advertising and so many more!


For businesses of all sizes this means that commercial marketing presents enormous opportunity to grow and upscale business. But as the number of adverts increases, businesses need to find new ways of cutting through the noise and outsmarting the competition. It is not enough to simply have an advert. As consumers, we are wary of big shiny sales pitches, we need to trust the brand, feel that they understand and value our loyalty. Nowhere is this more vital than in Financial and Banking services. 

We often perceive our financial choices to be straightforward and rational but in reality emotions play a significant role in the decisions we make.

The financial sector is rapidly evolving towards a more emotive approach in its commercial advertising. Following the banking crisis of 2007-2008 many High Street Banks changed their angle to show themselves as more personable and trustworthy.  Their commercials now are often seen to show a snapshot of 'real life' and the 'everyday' financial decisions' of people like you and me.


Consequently, choosing the right voiceover to narrate these stories becomes a critical element of an Ad campaign. You need a voice that can emote, has warmth and trustworthiness and has the storytelling tone that reassurances and inspires your audience. That's me!

You need the perfect combination of warmth and sincerity for your financial commercial - Like a reliable friend giving advice...

Take a listen!

Imagine a finance or insurance advert without a voiceover
– it's like a story missing its narrator!

It's not just about the words but more about the tone - the warmth, and the sincerity that builds trust. People are most likely to engage with a commercial when the voiceover feels like a reliable friend, making complex financial information sound like a regular chat.

A conversational tone is key—it's like having a knowledgeable friend explain the perks of a service rather than a distant corporate entity. It sets the mood, conveys the message, and leaves a lasting impression. We always want our audiences to Think and Feel!

Studies also show that Female Voices rank very high in conveying and encouraging trust - Just the ticket for financial and insurance commercials!

Have you ever watched a commercial and recognised the voice instantly? That's brand memorability, and it matters!


Consistency in voice overs, especially in recurrent commercials, creates a sonic signature for the brand, builds familiarity, creates a sense of continuity and strengthens the bond between the audience and the brand.

As we know, emotions are an important part when making decisions. We, as human beings, use logic to strengthen the choices we make using our emotions. That makes building trust one of the most important aspects while selling/giving information. It's the reason why AI Voices just don't cut the mustard! They can't emote and they can't evoke our own emotions. You need a real life, breathing and passionate human being!

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