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The Hidden Dangers of Annoying AI Voices in Business




The use of AI Voices in Training, E-Learning and Compliance Could Cost You More Than You Think

Ever listened to a lengthy AI voice-narrated video?


I have. I wanted to stick pins in my eyes…


So what did I do?


After a short amount of time, I clicked the MUTE button and just followed the visuals. I suppose I still took on board 60% of the information given. I got the gist of it at least!


That’s all fine for a light-hearted social media video but what about in other contexts?


Well unfortunately, there can be serious ramifications to a mute button being clicked…


What if your employees click the MUTE button during their E-Learning, Onboarding or Health & Safety Training because they find the AI voice incredibly annoying to listen to, that they can bear it no longer?


What if they miss the extremely important health and safety information being given?


What if, as a result, they have an accident in the workplace (Not unheard of, especially in an environment like a Construction Site or Factory?)


What if someone is seriously injured or dies (God forbid) as a result and you get sued for negligence and for not delivering adequate training…

Wow, that spiralled fast...


The thing is, life does spiral unexpectedly fast sometimes…the ‘that will never happen’ scenarios happen much more frequently than you would think…


So what if you avoided all this by hiring human instead?


"Humans are more expensive than hiring an AI Voice though right?" 


Well, not always. And I’m pretty sure if the unthinkable situation above were to happen to an employee of yours, hiring a human will have cost you (and them!) a whole lot less in the long run...


All this goes for public facing external communication too.


If you want to hold onto your clients and customers, I’d recommend that you avoid the following:

  • Bashing them over the head with an excessively perky AI voice with strange inflections and weirdly incorrect pronunciations

  • Equally, it’s probably best to avoid an extremely monotonous drone of an AI voice with downward inflections at the end of every sentence. Yawn.


These voices certainly don’t make me want to engage and listen…they won’t make your customers want to either!


Call me old fashioned, but to my understanding, the whole point of creating content (whether for your employees, customers, or clients) is to engage, inform, entertain and/or educate.


You need a voice that will gain their trust and get them on your side and inspired from the get-go…


Surely you don’t want your audience to hit the mute button or skip your content altogether?


I hope this short article has given you pause for thought. If you're looking for a bespoke quote for your upcoming project, get in contact today. I'd love to help!

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