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Finance Explainer Video Voiceover

Need to explain your Financial Services, Insurance Products or Investment Advice clearly and succinctly? Try an Explainer Video!

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Want to know if I'm the right choice for your financial explainer? Email me your script and I'll send over a free custom demo!

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

Life is full of decisions!

Whether we find decision-making easy or not, we make so many decisions and choices each day. The majority of them are small and inconsequential like 'What shall we have for dinner?' and 'Do I need to take an umbrella to work today!' But in our lives there are times that we need to make bigger decisions (really grown-up ones!) and these choices are often impacted by finances and financial decisions.


The financial world can often feel intimidating and overwhelming and it can sometimes feel that you need a first-class degree to understand complex finance terminology and acronyms!

"Which credit card should I choose?

Are they all the same?

What does APR mean?"
Can we afford to purchase our first house?

What about the mortgage payments?

Should I get a fixed rate mortgage or a variable interest rate?

I don't understand how interest payments work!
My car is a write off...
I need a new car

Can I afford to buy a new one or should I consider a finance plan?

What is a finance plan?

Are all finance plans the same?

So what's the answer?

To help us make these plans and life decisions more easily, we need to feel informed and we need financial institutions to help make it easier...

Businesses are understanding that being informative is not enough, being understood and trusted by their target audience is much more important. In a world overflowing with information and data, making essential financial insights accessible is not just a business strategy; it's a commitment to empowerment. 


Essential information should be like a friendly guide, accessible and within reach.

Knowledge is power.  Everyone, regardless of their financial background, should be able to easily understand the intricacies of banking, insurance, and investment. It just needs to be explained properly.

Enter the Financial Explainer Video!

At usually under 2 minutes long, Explainer Videos are concise, informative, and tailored for accessibility. They are designed to perfectly explain one or two key points, in a simplistic and concise way, sometimes utilising graphs and diagrams. They are perfect for the financial sector!


Whether you're a bank explaining new services, an insurance company breaking down policies, or an investment firm simplifying market trends, Financial Explainer Videos can be used to break down the barriers between complex ideas and audiences, creating a connection that goes beyond the screen.

So why use a Voiceover ?
Are captions enough for accessibility?

Well, If you have ever tried reading a lengthy document about your insurance coverage you will recognise the need to make the information more accessible! This is exactly what a voiceover does...Not only does a voiceover make the content easier to understand but they brings the financial explainer video to life, infusing it with personality, whilst making it more relatable. 


In addition to this, many people learn best when processing information aurally. Hiring the right voiceover can turn a potentially dull topic into an engaging conversation. A friendly, conversational and trustworthy voice over adds a personal touch, making your audience feel like they're having a chat with a knowledgeable friend rather than deciphering a financial code. By providing clear and engaging voice narration, voiceovers not only accommodate aural learners but also improve the accessibility and inclusivity of content for all individuals, regardless of their learning preferences.

AI Voices Vs Skilled Human Voiceover Artist

You might wonder, "Why not let AI handle the talking?" Well, as cool as AI is, it lacks that human touch. AI voices can sound robotic and, frankly, a bit monotonous. When it comes to finance, where trust is paramount, a human voice brings warmth and authenticity. It's not just about conveying information; it's about building a connection. A real voice understands the nuances of tone, emphasising the crucial points and making sure the listener stays hooked making the information not only accessible but relatable.

In short, explainer videos for finance and insurance are not just about simplifying information; they're about creating a bridge of understanding between your business and your audience. Explainers break down the walls of complexity, making essential information not only accessible but enjoyable. So, if you want to demystify finance, build trust and relatability in the most efficient way, let your message be heard with a friendly voice over. It’s the key to turning complexity into clarity and making your audience not just listeners, but informed allies in the world of finance.


Why choose me as your Finance Explainer Video Voiceover?

You'll be wanting a Voiceover Artist who has:

- A first class home studio  ✅

- Years of experience in the Finance Genre ✅

- A trustworthy voice that immediately engages your audience ✅

- A voice that effortlessly embodies your brand ✅

- A trained voice with expert CLARITY and DICTION ✅


What's more I offer:

- A fast same day turnaround ✅

- Fair and transparent rates ✅

- The ability to dial in and direct the recording session ✅

Contact me today to discuss your next Finance Explainer Video

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